Urbandale’s Incredible Pizza is now Urbandale’s Incredible Buffet & Fun Center

incrediblepizzadesmoinesDear Incredible Customers,

Urbandale’s Incredible Pizza Company is happy to announce we are changing our name!

Why are we doing this?  We are excited to announce the new name Incredible Buffet & Fun Center.  We feel this name better portrays who we really are.  We’ve been an Incredible Pizza Company franchise since we opened and we will continue operating as a franchise with all the high quality food, service and games you’ve come to expect. As our customer, you know we have so much more than just pizza, but we’re convinced there are many locals who haven’t given us a try because they think we’re only a pizza place. .

Thank you for being an Incredible customer!  Please join us in spreading the word about Urbandale’s Incredible Buffet & Fun Center.


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      Can you give us more feedback about the problem you had? If you could tell us what the date and approximate time was of your visit it will help us to track down what went wrong.

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